Into the Top 20!

This morning, Amazon UK had Introducing Jarrod Black in the top 20 … the top 20 American football books that is. Hey I’ll take it! Amazon is a peculiar beast – the rankings for each country appear to be totally independent of each other, and the classifications tend to be a little mixed up. I have no knowledge of how it all works from a sales point of view, so my views are restricted to what I can see as an everyday purchaser. I do check periodically to see how it looks to the purchaser – it’s interesting!

Whilst Introducing Jarrod Black has been creeping up the charts, Jarrod Black Hospital Pass is completely stagnant – the book has not been available to buy on Amazon for a few weeks now, and the purchaser is directed on to Book Depository to complete the sale. This all makes it difficult to have any handle on what volume of books might be selling.

Now that Guilty Party has hit Amazon, this adds a new dimension. The book is listed, but is temporarily out of stock on Amazon UK. Hopefully that’s because they’ve all sold (!), but it’s probably because there has not been any stock yet. Again, Book Depository is where Amazon redirects the purchaser, and it is not listed there.

Don’t get me wrong, Amazon is an amazing vehicle for selling books, I can see that. It’s a one stop shop for everything else too. If Amazon wants to put me in a top 20 for anything, that’s okay by me!

We still have a link on, which is keeping this blog bubbling away. Check it out for a link to buy Unashamed Football Novels on Amazon or direct from Fair Play Publishing.

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