Rocking all over the world

Today saw the end of a glorious two week period with the Unashamed Football Novels featured on Starting with a competition to win a copy of the first two books, this then morphed into a promo for the third book, Jarrod Black Guilty Party, which came out unofficially on May 25th. The traffic on this blog increased by more than a thousand per cent during that time, and hopefully the traffic on to Amazon and Fair Play Publishing increased along with it. Big thanks to Biffa for giving these entertaining books a moment in the sun.

First sighting

Today also saw the first photo of someone receiving their copy in the post. Amusingly I still haven’t seen or held a book yet as my consignment has been held up in the post. It does look really impressive from the photo I received, and a good book cover does make a difference when it comes to choosing the next read to dedicate your time to.

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