Who is the Guilty Party?

We’re so close, it hurts. The absolute final edits were made to the third Unashamed Football Novel today, down to the last comma to remove and the last grammar error to correct. The book is now up on the Fair Play Publishing website, it has an ISBN for both the paperback and the eBook, and it looks as though you can actually pre-order the book. You can use the promo code FootballVolunteer to get free postage anywhere on the planet for this week only. The next step will be to see it appear on Amazon and all the online stores before the publisher announces its arrival.

I love my football, and I think you’ll be able to tell from reading any of my books. There is a sense of adventure throughout and I trust that you will find the storylines captivating. There’s nothing like delving into a book and not being able to put it down, getting the satisfaction of reading way more pages than you had intended in one sitting.

The editing process has made the book so easy to read. The editor, Bonita, has devoted a lot of time to bringing the book to life and suggesting ways of engaging the reader even more. As I’ve said in the past, once you finish the last word of a book, that’s where the hard work starts. Draft after draft, so many read throughs. I think we’ve got it right after many months.

You’ll be hearing from me on social media a lot in the next week or so. I’ll be making sure no one in the football world hasn’t heard of Jarrod Black, and I encourage you to get on board. Share any social media content by @SmithTexi, follow @fairplaybooks, write a review when you’ve finished on Goodreads or Amazon, or wherever you get your books from. That will be the catalyst for more. Book four in the Jarrod Black series is at the concept stage, and positive or critical feedback will be welcome in order to make the next one even better.

Howay the Lads!

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