South Coast Flame 1 Gladesville Ravens 1

Gladesville Ravens’ Under 15s pre-season campaign continued with a trip to Port Kembla, the impressive Ian McLennan Park the venue for a match up with fellow Youth League Division 2 outfit South Coast Flame. Two goals in quick succession lit up the second half and both sides went close to snatching a victory in theContinue reading “South Coast Flame 1 Gladesville Ravens 1”

Inter Lions 0 Gladesville Ravens 6

A second pre-season game for the Ravens GYL2 Under 15s, a second game played in hot conditions, this was a trip to local rivals Inter Lions over the river in Concord. A first half where both teams worked each other out and yielded a two goal lead for the visitors pathed the way for aContinue reading “Inter Lions 0 Gladesville Ravens 6”