2022 : A year in football pictures

The footballing year has come to an end, here’s a brief look back on the year in a few slideshows of photos from my phone. The number of these photos taken in wild weather is testament to the crazy conditions we’ve faced as supporters, players and referees this year. I’ve attended a 30-game season ofContinue reading “2022 : A year in football pictures”

Miracle saves can’t stop the Mariners

Just when we thought Mariners had been thwarted by the heroics of Andrew Redmayne in the Sydney FC goal, a sketchy penalty was awarded and despatched, sending the Coasties to Wembley for the FFA Cup final. The Sky Blues were left to rue a catalogue of missed chances, and the predictability of the moves fromContinue reading “Miracle saves can’t stop the Mariners”

All it needed was a little Elvis

There’s something about the FFA Cup that conjures up an atmosphere, born from the fact that it’s do or die every game, that defeat means the end of the journey and victory moves you one step closer to a date with glory. This was no exception, and the wild rain, the sending off and theContinue reading “All it needed was a little Elvis”

Did 2021 do it for you…?

If we don’t grab our opportunities while we can, we’ll be commenting at the end of every year to come with “thank god that’s over … ” Whilst we’ve all been through the Covid ringer this year, with normality disrupted, travel restrictions imposed and everyday events cancelled, this year has still seen some remarkable milestonesContinue reading “Did 2021 do it for you…?”

Kam-sober, bouzouki and meat sweats

Far from a nuisance fixture that simply gets in the way of the A-League, the round of 32 clash between old soccer Sydney Olympic and new football Sydney FC served up an absolute treat for everyone involved. The hospitality provided by the hosts was matched by the excitement on the field as the Sky BluesContinue reading “Kam-sober, bouzouki and meat sweats”