Fri 25/11/2022 : Iranian delight and a misfiring England team

I have to admit that I was on a go slow in the morning for this one, which was obviously due to a lack of sleep. With our apartment on the same metro line as today’s game, I had a misguided sense that I didn’t need to rush, and as a result was out ofContinue reading “Fri 25/11/2022 : Iranian delight and a misfiring England team”

Thu 24/11/2022 : Swiss efficiency and Brazil too good

Any chance of getting to Aspire Academy to take part in the media v staff match at 7.30am was blown out of the water when I awoke at 8am, the blockout curtains doing their job. I had obviously clicked off my two alarms in my sleep, and without my natural alarm of the sun toContinue reading “Thu 24/11/2022 : Swiss efficiency and Brazil too good”

Wed 23/11/2022 : Japan conquer as Canada waste a golden chance

The din coming from the mosque next door to the Fanatics accommodation in Al Wakra at 4.30am woke us up. It was crystal clear and very insistent. That didn’t stop us from closing our eyes and sleeping for another six hours or more, and it was afternoon by the time we were ready to faceContinue reading “Wed 23/11/2022 : Japan conquer as Canada waste a golden chance”

Tue 22/11/2022 : Saudi glory and the Aussies kick off

This World Cup was all about the late nights, this time with a 2am dinner and probably getting to bed around 3.30am, it was no surprise that the next morning didn’t really exist. I was up and about in good time though, getting ready to head to Lusail Stadium and left just after 11am withContinue reading “Tue 22/11/2022 : Saudi glory and the Aussies kick off”

Mon 21/11/2022 : The home countries in action

After a late night following the opening ceremony, rousing for the next day was always going to be slow. Thankfully, with the opening ceremony being pushed back a day, there were no games until 4pm, so we decided to make this the day when we would check in to our Fanatics accomodation in Al WakraContinue reading “Mon 21/11/2022 : The home countries in action”

Sun 20/11/2022 : The opening ceremony and VAR controversy

It was 1pm and we had just met our new flat mates and the rest of the Aussies staying in the Seven Pearls apartment complex near Hamad Hospital. It was like the first day at school, meeting all these new people, but we knew we had one very big thing in common and that wasContinue reading “Sun 20/11/2022 : The opening ceremony and VAR controversy”

A FIFA World Cup football frenzy

For 14 glorious days starting on Sunday 20th November 2022, this football tragic made the absolute most of the World Cup experience by attending a total of 26 games – one on the first day, two per day for 12 days and then a round of 16 game to finish. It wasn’t meant to beContinue reading “A FIFA World Cup football frenzy”

Away bay mystery

An absolutely memorable afternoon at the legendary Eden Park gave Socceroos fans the opportunity to see the brightest and most exciting talents that Australia has to offer. With the visiting fans hosted by the Wellington Phoenix supporters, the occasion was destined to be one of the all-time classic away days. And it lived up toContinue reading “Away bay mystery”

Socceroos’ Suncorp Sayonara

An impromptu public holiday to mourn the passing of the Queen was a perfect addition to a ceremonious occasion at the magnificent Suncorp stadium, marking the 100th year of the Socceroos. Fireworks, banners, a moment of silence, a welcome to country, and two marvellous renditions of the national anthems made this a night to rememberContinue reading “Socceroos’ Suncorp Sayonara”

Football can be United

After a hiatus in 2021, the Football Writers Festival 2022 was a major event in the diary of any football writer, fan or anyone with an interest in the Australian game. Not only a forum to present new authors and to discuss books, the festival has quickly become a way of sharing ideas, and thisContinue reading “Football can be United”