Football can be United

After a hiatus in 2021, the Football Writers Festival 2022 was a major event in the diary of any football writer, fan or anyone with an interest in the Australian game. Not only a forum to present new authors and to discuss books, the festival has quickly become a way of sharing ideas, and thisContinue reading “Football can be United”

Did 2021 do it for you…?

If we don’t grab our opportunities while we can, we’ll be commenting at the end of every year to come with “thank god that’s over … ” Whilst we’ve all been through the Covid ringer this year, with normality disrupted, travel restrictions imposed and everyday events cancelled, this year has still seen some remarkable milestonesContinue reading “Did 2021 do it for you…?”

Matildas’ Newcastle love-in

A swift opportunity to restore some pride after the dismantling on Saturday, the Matildas rode their luck and cashed in some more to sneak a draw in front of an adoring crowd in Newcastle. This was as wholesome a footballing experience as you can get, and everyone in attendance enjoyed the evening’s entertainment. To getContinue reading “Matildas’ Newcastle love-in”