Did 2021 do it for you…?

If we don’t grab our opportunities while we can, we’ll be commenting at the end of every year to come with “thank god that’s over … ” Whilst we’ve all been through the Covid ringer this year, with normality disrupted, travel restrictions imposed and everyday events cancelled, this year has still seen some remarkable milestonesContinue reading “Did 2021 do it for you…?”

Matildas’ Newcastle love-in

A swift opportunity to restore some pride after the dismantling on Saturday, the Matildas rode their luck and cashed in some more to sneak a draw in front of an adoring crowd in Newcastle. This was as wholesome a footballing experience as you can get, and everyone in attendance enjoyed the evening’s entertainment. To getContinue reading “Matildas’ Newcastle love-in”

Books and marketing

So, you’ve realised your dream and your book has been picked up by a publisher. You’re eagerly awaiting the release, finally getting your hands on the printed version, the result of months of re-reading, editing, smoothing of edges and many last-minute changes of heart about a character’s name or the colour of their shirt. TheContinue reading “Books and marketing”

The female protagonist

The football fiction genre is the nichest of the niche when it comes to sports writing. After the historical moments, world famous figures, club legends and fantastic tournaments, there sits a tiny slither of books that are purely for entertainment rather than reference. Take out the picture books and the children’s stories, there’s not muchContinue reading “The female protagonist”

2020 a year of memories

It’s been one mixed up, muddled up, shook up year for everyone. Throughout the trying times there have also been some golden moments and events that have made this year memorable for all the right things. So what has ben going on in the world of Unashamed Football Novels in 2020? Oh, and if you’reContinue reading “2020 a year of memories”