Football. Beer. Sponsor?

Every week, I play football. Even if I’m injured, my football teams still play football. Currently it’s summer soccer, in winter it’s the 11-a-side game and there are many other opportunities to get out there and play.

My football teams tend to drink beer. We’re quite the connoisseurs too, and the quality, especially in 2020, has been outrageously good.

Night games, day games, it doesn’t matter. The moment the final whistle goes, win, lose or draw, there is an esky of ice cold beers waiting to be consumed as the reward for all that hard work on the field. As well as a social lubricant that induces quality blokes time, the equivalent of retreating to the man shed, we’re getting pretty good at picking a good one.

Now, call me naive, but surely there’s a drinks company out there who would see the benefit in sponsoring the esky every week? Perhaps a bottle shop would like us to buy our beers at their outlet in exchange for a shout out – maybe they’d throw in a few extras? Maybe a beer distributor would see sense in offering us two for one cases if we posted a photo every week on social media?

Every week, we have two squads, each consisting of the main beer purchasers for 18 families, tucking into beers and getting a taste for what’s out there. Subliminally, this is going to sway our purchases when we next go to the bottle-o for a case for home.

Names like 4 Pines, Cricketers Arms, Little Creatures have been consistent winners, along with some new ones like Zywiec and White Rabbit. We know the beers are good, we also know that what’s on special at the shops on the day of purchase is a massive sway to what will end up in the esky.

What do you think? Is this a marketing machine just waiting to happen? Do we get our esky sponsored by Liquorland, with naming rights on the side of the chilly bin? Will Mountain Goat give us a buy one get one free offer? Do we put it out there for sponsorship every week? Seems like a lot of work eh?

Whatever happens, at the end of the game, we’ll have a healthy supply of beer on ice, and it will keep the lads coming every week. Over to you!

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