Finally, a voice recording

After two, no make it three, failed attempts to make it onto the airwaves over the last year, I can now say that my voice is now recorded and available for public consumption. So what, you may say.

The first attempt was at the Football Writers Festival in March 2019. The sessions were all being recorded, and there were some great moments captured. There was only one session out of the whole day that failed to make it to podcast, and that was a panel with host Trevor Thompson, author Adrian Deans and myself. I actually really enjoyed it, as I had been a published author for all of four hours at the time and everything was so new. The recording didn’t make it to air, which might have been a blessing in disguise.

Fast forward to mid-winter and the mercurial Carlos aka The Lone Ranger from 2RRR invited me on to his weekly football show. This was another new experience, and I had to leave the under 14s game at half time to be there on time. Carlos is obviously an experienced campaigner and he was great, it ended up being a conversation more than an interview. Alas the show was not recorded and will never be heard again. The audience that was listening live were the only ones to hear it. At least I can change some of the answers when I next get asked what was my favourite game or favourite player.

So, third time lucky. Bonita from Fair Play Publishing had persisted through some technical issues with a first recording, which was curtailed. On the second go, the recording went well and a half-hour show is now available for consumption :

This is a series of podcasts and so far they have all been with people I have met. Trevor Thompson speaks so well, Andrew Howe has amazing insight into the data behind the football and Jason Goldsmith has a fantastic knack of uncovering stories that you didn’t know. I feel honoured to be in the same series as these legends. Hopefully someone somewhere will get some entertainment and enjoyment out of the podcast. I certainly did. I’m looking forward to listening to many more in the series.

If you’re looking for content for a football show, feel free to get in touch!

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