Ryde derby honours

When the two powerhouses of Ryde football, North Ryde and West Ryde Rovers, collided at the city’s premier stadium, Magdala Park, local pride was on the line. Who would come out on top this time? Would there be any horses punched? Read on… First up, Saturday morning’s clash between Redfield College and West Ryde Rovers,Continue reading “Ryde derby honours”

Senses working overtime

An absolute corker of a weekend to bring in spring in the suburbs, the temps in the high 20s and a feeling that the cold dark days of winter are well and truly behind us. It might not be the best conditions to play in, but it makes the whole football experience that much moreContinue reading “Senses working overtime”

He who sows the wind…

What a week. It all seemed to be going so well, then Football NSW released some strict guidelines somewhat out of the blue. No spectators at football matches (does this mean the A League finals series is behind closed doors?) and most heart breaking of all, no esky to numb the pain after a game.Continue reading “He who sows the wind…”

Calm before the storm

Saturday morning, a crisp and sunny morning at the theatre of dreams, the magnificent LH Waud sports field, jewel in the crown of the Meadowbank Park complex. The 15/1s went in to battle against Macquarie Dragons. A serious first half injury to Max dampened the mood as Rovers toiled in the sun, but a secondContinue reading “Calm before the storm”

When the going gets tough

A big week of football in the Smith household, played out in perfect sunny conditions. Oh how good it is to be back on the field. Saturday’s early kick off at Meadowbank was a mental test for West Ryde Rovers Under 15s. Their weaker opponents should have been cannon fodder, but as is often theContinue reading “When the going gets tough”

Some wins, some losses

After a successful start to the season the previous Saturday, it was less so this last weekend, but no less enjoyable. With uncertainty around the longevity of the season with Covid closing in again, we’re just making the most of it while we can. It all kicked off with the early game at West EppingContinue reading “Some wins, some losses”