2020 a year of memories

It’s been one mixed up, muddled up, shook up year for everyone. Throughout the trying times there have also been some golden moments and events that have made this year memorable for all the right things. So what has ben going on in the world of Unashamed Football Novels in 2020? Oh, and if you’reContinue reading “2020 a year of memories”

Football. Beer. Sponsor?

Every week, I play football. Even if I’m injured, my football teams still play football. Currently it’s summer soccer, in winter it’s the 11-a-side game and there are many other opportunities to get out there and play. My football teams tend to drink beer. We’re quite the connoisseurs too, and the quality, especially in 2020,Continue reading “Football. Beer. Sponsor?”

Some people are on the pitch…

The 2020 local league season came to a conclusion as the top two teams from each division went head to head in the Grand Final. A marvellously Australian creation, the Grand Final totally cheapens the Premiership crown, but provides a cup final-like atmosphere across the most dramatic two days of football of the year. ThisContinue reading “Some people are on the pitch…”