What’s it all about then?

So, you’ve stumbled upon these Unashamed Football Novels. The question has been asked though – why should I invest the time to read them? First things first, if you love football, if you play yourself, or if you are in a family that plays or loves the game, you will definitely find this series entertaining.Continue reading “What’s it all about then?”

Book reviews are here

Our friends at Football Book Reviews have read and reviewed Introducing Jarrod Black here : http://footballbookreviews.com/reviews/book-review-introducing-jarrod-black-an-unashamed-football-novel-by-texi-smith. You can leave a comment at the end of the review – if you have something to say about the book and your place of purchase is not equipped with a review section, use this forum. A positive bookContinue reading “Book reviews are here”

Introducing Texi Smith

Here he is, author of the Jarrod Black series… It all began with a magazine idea back at school. This was pre-internet. The idea was for a Newcastle United fanzine called “We’re Away To…” which would have twenty plus editions a season, one for every away game. So, that never got going, although I’m sureContinue reading “Introducing Texi Smith”